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10 Realistic Free Agent Targets for the 76ers

As we get closer to the start of NBA Free Agency, the 76ers have a couple holes in the roster that could likely get filled with trades given the cap situation with the 76ers, but some options in free agency could also help.

1. P.J. Tucker

Image Credit: Heat Nation

Lets get the obvious one out of the way. P.J. Tucker to Philadelphia seems like a done deal to sources around the league. P.J. will add corner shooting, defense, offensive rebounding, and most importantly, he got that "dawg" in him.

2. T.J. Warren

TJ Warren has only played 4 (!) games since the bubble in Orlando. This could be a reclamation project as Sixers could get him for cheap as he tries to make it back and earn a larger contract in the near future.

3. Otto Porter Jr.

It seems like OPJ wont be returning to the Warriors and it will be tough to pay him as other teams will be willing to offer but if the P.J. Tucker deal somehow falls through, OPJ could be a option for that MLE.

4. Ricky Rubio

Sixers need a backup PG, unless they believe Maxey will take a play making leap and be able to function running the offense with Harden off the floor. Rubio coming off injury was having an amazing season last year and could still be cheap given the injury.

5. Isaiah Hartenstein

Hartenstein could be a backup center option if the 76ers don't believe in Bassey and Reed going forward. Hartenstein had a great year for the Clippers last year but it seems like he is on the way out given the new contracts and players Clippers have gotten/extended recently. He was orginally drafted by Daryl Morey. He averaged 8.3 points, 5 rebounds, and 62% from the field in about 17 minutes a game.

6. Gary Harris

Shooting, shooting, shooting. In the NBA you can never get enough shooting, 76ers making the money work is the question. I think he will get a MLE type deal with a team like the Denver Nuggets, but wouldn't rule him completely out for the 76ers.

7. Daniel House

Daniel House is a great shooter and solid defender as he shot 41% from 3 in his short 25 game stint in Utah last year. He could be a top bench guy for cheap.

8. Lonnie Walker IV

Walker has struggled but he is only 23 (!) years old and still brought around 12 points a game last year in 23 minutes. He wasn't the most efficient but maybe a different role can help him continue to grow as he is a versatile scorer and a good defender.

9. Ben McLemore

McLemore is a guy who is going to let it fly with a quick trigger from beyond the arc. Sixers could use a guy like this after losing Danny Green. He could be a cheap option to come off the bench as he had a career year when he played next to James Harden in Houston, maybe they can replicate that.

10. Cody Martin

Cody Martin had a career year last year shooting 48% from the field and 38% from 3. He could be a good wing option on the 76ers to come off the bench and not be too expensive and help the Sixers upgrade at the wing positions.

Honorable Mentions: Jarrett Culver, Malik Monk, and Andre Drummond

The 76ers have a massive off-season ahead of them as they have the foundation of James Harden and Joel Embiid but have to make upgrades at who's around them. We are in for an interesting off-season to follow.

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