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76ers Showing Interest in Ben McLemore

When McLemore was 25 years old and at a crossroads with his career, a GM by the name of Daryl Morey gave him a chance with the Houston Rockets. McLemore, who was a former 7th overall pick, was able to revamp his career after being labeled as a "bust" for the majority of his young career. Although it is clear McLemore will never reach comparisons to Ray Allen again, he can be a very solid role player for a contending team.

After not finding a home during the trade deadline, McLemore will be a mid-season free agent. Free to sign wherever he pleases. After JJ Redick was shipped to the Dallas Mavericks, the Sixers are still in the market for a sharpshooting wing to come off the bench.

Do we see Daryl Morey give McLemore another chance? I say it's definitely a probability at this point. McLemore might fall into the laps of the 76ers. At this point, it seems the Lakers and Warriors are also in the race to sign McLemore.

Last season with the Houston Rockets, McLemore averaged 10.1 points per game, while having 44/40/75 shooting splits. This season he is receiving 6 fewer minutes per game and averaging 7 points a game. In the 2019-20 season, McLemore had a career-high VORP of 0.6, as well as a career-high 62% True Shooting Percentage.

Only time will tell if McLemore will be the right fit for the Sixers, but if Sunday's game against Memphis taught us anything, it would be that we could use a hot hand here and there. Not only could McLemore be the missing piece for this championship roster, but he also has a good relationship with Daryl Morey. Adding him along with George Hill to the bench unit may put us over the top come playoff time.

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