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A struggling Flyers team meets a struggling Bruins team

The Flyers are looking to write their wrongs from March and start off April strong as they will face the Boston Bruins in a 2 game series. The Flyers were really bad in the month of March. Everything went wrong with this team from the forwards to the defensemen to the goaltending everything was just bad. However, the Flyers need to get back on the tracks and get it together as we have about a third of the season left in play.

Carter Hart will get the start in net tonight for the Flyers and so far this season is not going how Flyers fans wanted it to go. Carter has been struggling in net as of late and it's really shown. Granted he doesn't have a defense in front of him but that doesn't mean you can give up easy goals. It's been a rough go of things so far for Hart but he will look to bounce back tonight against a recently struggling Bruins team.

The Bruins are missing key pieces to their team with names like Tuukka Rask and now Jaroslav Halak, and Brandon Carlo. Their defense is slowly getting thinner and has been exposed as of late. The Bruins have lost five games out of their last ten and are just barely hanging on to that last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. The Flyers need to take advantage of this Bruins team to get going and get back on the right path to the playoffs.

Also for the Flyers they really need to focus on giving Hart some support. Hart and the other goaltenders for the Flyers have been forced to make way too many unnecessary saves. The defense needs to get better. There is a reason Shane Ghostibehere went through waivers unclaimed. It says a lot about the Flyers defense right now.

Here are some players to watch for tonight.

One name that comes to mind right away is Carter Hart. He needs a big bounce-back game in the worst way possible. He just hasn't been himself all year and it has really shown. He needs to look sharp tonight or the Bruins struggling team is gonna just run right over this Flyers team.

Another player to watch is gonna be Claude Giroux. He had one of those games last time out where he just did it all himself. Giroux needs to have another good game tonight not just for himself but also for the team. Giroux has gone quiet over the past couple of games except the last one.

Lastly, I would argue that the Flyers are the worst over .500 team in the NHL. They have a lot to work on to prove that they are a good team. They really need to hit their stride here soon or it's going to be another disappointing season for the flyers.

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