Complete Eagles Playoff Matchup and Seeding Scenarios

Although Dallas Week usually brings hype and patience until the game kicks off, this week is a bit different.

Reason being that the Eagles have already clinched a playoff spot and will most likely be resting their starters for tomorrow's game against Dallas. The Eagles could improve to the 6th seed but the matchup probability's would not change much.

So I decided for myself and all of you, I would make a guide to what results will lead to the Eagles first round playoff opponent along with a short analysis on each. I have to give a huge shoutout to @denizselman33 on twitter, who really helped indirectly while I was writing this piece.

Here are the only games that matter for the Eagles in Week 18: Cowboys @ Eagles, 49ers @ Rams, Panthers @ Buccaneers, Seahawks @ Cardinals, Saints @ Falcons.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Credit: AP

Eagles Win, Rams Win

Eagles Win, 49ers Win, Buccaneers Win

Cowboys Win, Rams Win, Saints Win

Cowboys Win, 49ers Win, Buccaneers Win

There probably isn't a more banged up team in the NFC playoff picture right now then Tampa. Leonard Fournette, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin among others are either dealing with an injury or are out with one. Also, Antonio Brown. The problem is that Tom Brady is still the QB in Tampa, and regardless of what happened in Super Bowl LII you always want to avoid him. Not only that, the Buccaneers also have a stout defense lead by a lethal defensive line. We did see that Tampa is flawed last week, as they struggled to pull away from the Jets the entire game. No team is going to be easy in the first round, but Tampa is definitely the weakest in terms of talent on the field right now.

Los Angeles Rams

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Eagles Win, 49ers Win, Panthers Win, Seahawks Win

Cowboys Win, Rams Win, Falcons Win

Los Angeles probably had the most hype out of any team in the NFC heading into this season, but injuries and inconsistencies have plagued them down the stretch. Matthew Stafford has been really good, but recently has turned the ball over way too much. We saw last week how the Rams can overcome that however, as Stafford turned the ball over twice and the Rams still beat the shorthanded Ravens. No team has had an answer for Cooper Kupp this season, and he is a danger no matter where he lines up pre-snap. The Rams will still be playing for seeding on Sunday so we should get another look at LA in a couple days.

Arizona Cardinals

Credit: Smiley N. Pool/The Dallas Morning News

Eagles Win, 49ers Win, Panthers Win, Cardinals Win

Cowboys Win, 49ers Win, Panthers Win, Cardinals Win

If we are talking about the Rams being inconsistent, then Arizona is on another level. That isnt meant to be a hidden jab at them, it's just the reality. The team in general has had wins against the Rams and Titans but lost to the Lions and Panthers. Although, when this offense is on, they are as lethal than any in the whole league. Kyler Murray is showing why he was the #1 Pick a couple years ago, and James Conner is having a career turnaround like none other. Deandre Hopkins is out for now, but if he can be back for the first round of the playoffs that would be huge for AZ. The defense isn't world class but it has a lot of solid pieces.

Dallas Cowboys

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Cowboys Win, 49ers Win, Panthers Win, Seahawks Win

It definitely sucks that we will most likely not get to see the Eagles and Cowboys face off at full strength or skill at all this year. I say that because when they played in Week 3, the Eagles clearly were not the same team as they are now. Instead of a huge implication matchup in Week 18, the Eagles will be resting most of their starters and the Cowboys will be playing theirs(will be without Trevon Diggs and Tony Pollard though). Dallas has been almost a polar opposite of their team last year, with their defense carrying their offense at most times. Dak Prescott and the offense has been good, but they have been inconsistent and dealt with injuries. The Cowboys may have just lost to Arizona but they will be a tough out in Dallas no matter what.

I've seen a lot of people rank the opponents they want the most to the ones they want the least so I'll do that to wrap up.

  1. Buccaneers

  2. Cardinals

  3. Cowboys

  4. Rams

Yeah, I get it's Brady but that team is just so banged up right now. When Tampa went from the Wild Card to the Super Bowl last year they were way more healthy then they are now. Honestly, I would probably pick the Eagles to lose to all of these teams, with maybe having a thought about Tampa.

I hope this is helpful when you are watching football on Sunday and Saturday.

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