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Do the Sixers have an effort Problem? Sixers lose to Miami in a close one

Does anyone want to overreact to a random regular season game in February? I do!

There were too many times during this game where I thought it would be a good idea to turn my TV off, but something told me to leave it on. This is a game where the lack of Sixers energy and effort for the first 3 quarters let this game come down to the last shot where ultimately, Harden's last second 3 didn't go in. There was a lot to take away from tonight, read down below for an all you need to know...

First Quarter

• The Miami Heat are one of the worst 3 point shooting teams in the league, so it's only fitting that they have a good night from beyond the arc.

• It seems like the Sixers are never going to fix their rebounding problems, so it's time to suck it up and live with it (sadly).

• Gabe Vincent is the ultimate Sixers killer. He averages 17.4 PPG against the Sixers which is by far better than any other team with Vincent. He had 2 quick 3's in the first quarter.

• Georges Niang continues to kill the Sixers on both ends of the ball in the worst ways. He managed to get beat off the dribble by Kevin Love (Yes, you read that right. I did say Kevin Love). If he's not hitting his shot, why is he in the game?

• Doc Rivers decided to go with a lineup of Milton/Maxey/McDaniels/Niang/Reed at the end of the 1st quarter, and it was certainly a decision! I don't care if its a random regular season game in February...The lineups absolutely cannot look like that.

• On a positive note, James harden looked aggressive in the first quarter with 8 points.

Second Quarter

• 6 continuous minutes for Paul Reed at backup center is one too many. He will get killed in the playoffs if the rotations are that way (I don't expect them to). His young age shows too often. He was getting killed on the defensive end and his mistakes were brutal, just like they were in the loss against Boston.

• You might think that the Sixers could simply grab a rebound, right? Well, you thought wrong! This team continues to amaze me with the lack of rebounding and I will say this every single game that this Sixers team plays.

• While we are on the conversation of rebounding, the Miami Heat ended the first half with 19(!!) more shots than the Sixers which directly correlates to the rebounding issues. The Sixers are extremely lucky that the Heat aren't up by 30 points.

• We are in February...Why are we still talking about a lack of effort and energy? It's absolutely pathetic. This team will not go anywhere in the playoffs if this is the conversation we're having in April.

Third Quarter

• De'Anthony Melton made a few stupid and brutal mistakes to open the half and he was taken out for Tyrese Maxey right away who decided to go nuclear in this quarter. He had 14 points and hit three 3's.

• Doc Rivers usually lets Embiid play the entire 3rd quarter but decided to take him out with 5 minutes left and replaced him with Paul Reed. An interesting thing to take note of.

• Tyrese Maxey had his foot stepped on by Oladipo on the last shot of the quarter but he seems to be alright, and the refs missed an obvious foul.

Fourth Quarter

• Doc Rivers decided to go back to the lineup of Milton/Maxey/McDaniels/Niang/Reed to start out the 4th quarter which went as well as you would expect it to. Rivers made a good decision and took out Niang and Reed after only a minute or two of that bad lineup and replaced them with Embiid and Melton.

• Sixers started off the quarter shooting 0/9 from the field. Not the way you want your fourth quarter to go.

• No matter what happens with this team, they never stop fighting. They clawed their way back to a one possession game for a majority of the 4th quarter.

• Tyrese Maxey fouled out with 3:21 left to go in the fourth. Tough to see considering there were some pretty weak calls on him throughout tonights game.

• This game ultimately came down to the last shot. A Joel Embiid isolation post up turned into a wide open James harden 3 which did not go in. Sucks to see...But here are my main takeaways from tonights game.

Key Takeaways

• If the Sixers think they can just sleepwalk through games and win...They have some serious problems. Its the end of February and we're still talking about effort.

• James Harden having that quick first step back is going to be one of the sixers biggest weapons come playoff time, he’s been beating high level defenders off the dribble all year. He beat Jimmy Butler off the dribble a few times tonight. Its remarkable to come back from a severe hamstring injury and look like this.

• Seeing Tyrese Maxey return to his old form is exactly what this team needs. Unfortunately, it didn't end in a win but a great sign going forward

• This is the last time you're going to hear me complain about offensive rebounds. We just need to accept the fact that this team is a horrible rebounding team and that isn't going to change.

• It is absolutely time to put Tyrese Maxey back into the starting lineup. He cannot create his own shots when Harden and/or Embiid are not on the floor with him. De'Anthony Melton will do just fine off the bench.

• Tobias Harris went back to the locker with an apparent leg injury, he came back a few minutes later but it's something to keep an eye on.

• This is a rough loss for this Sixers team. You cannot have these kinds of game in the late stretches of the season. Two brutal losses in a row for this team. Hopefully they can bounce back on Wednesday night again agains the Miami Heat.

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