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Eagles and Phillies Mailbag- Center Field, Mac Jones? and more!

I Decided that with the short off time for the Phillies and nothing Eagles-related happening currently, I'll answer some of your questions! I'm going to try to make this a weekly thing, but we will see how things go. Make sure to follow me @SlayBurner24 so you do not miss the next Q&A! I'll go with some Phillies first and then Eagles.

This one is kind of hard to judge. You know that the Phillies are high on Roman Quinn and Adam Haseley, but I would think there is no chance they are the long term option. In the minors there is a guy like Mickey Moniak, who is a former #1 Pick but has shown lots of weaknesses so far. And if you count Odubel Herrera, he is there as well. I'd like to say Moniak, but I'm going to go a bit of the rails and say it will be someone not currently on the roster. So that would be ether in the trade market or in next offseason Free Agency. I can throw out 3 guys I like for a trade and 1 for a Free Agent signing: Joey Gallo(Trade), Anthony Santander(Trade), Starling Marte(trade), Jackie Bradley Jr.(Free Agent). Joey Gallo(27) would be my dream signing out of those 4, with Santander(26) not far behind. Santander is not a household name, but has been killing it for the Orioles recently. The latter two are older, so would be seen more as short term options. For right now, I'm willing to give Moniak a shot and see what he can do. If that does not work out, Gallo is my guy, even if that is a dream.

I love all this trade deadline talk already. Probably my favorite time of the season.

This one is probably more tough, as it is difficult to judge which pitchers will be available come July 31st. Again I'll throw out some potential names: Zac Plesac(26), Jon Gray(27), Danny Duffy(32). Although Plesac may seem like a dream due to his success in the majors so far, I don't see the current success of the Indians holding, making them sellers at the deadline. Plesac has had a great start to the year, with a 1.38 ERA in 2 games and is only 26 years old. The same goes in some sense with Gray, who has looked good so far this season but is playing for a rebuilding team. Gray is coming off a horrid season, and I'm sure a fresh start would be best for both sides. Duffy is more of a guy you would take a flyer on, but is someone I'm very intrigued with. He's been with the Royals his whole career, while never really taking that step that would push him to a solid rotational piece. The stats don't show it, but I saw some things last year that make me believe he could be the 4th starter for us. If we could get two out of these 3, our rotation would be set down the stretch.

Yes. No doubt in my mind. We'll see if that opinion holds.

They are both such pressing needs, but I'll give the slight edge to WR. At least the CB room has a veteran in Slay who can give you shutdown corner type numbers, where as the wide receiver group has no one close to that skill level. Reagor, Fulgham and Ward are all just, meh. If it comes to the draft, I couldn't really tell you what position to draft first. It would have to depend on who is there.

That would possibly be the worst pick in Eagles history. That is my reaction.

For the ranking I'll say:

  1. Smith

  2. Surtain

  3. Waddle

  4. Horn

I personally do not think Devonta Smith and Patrick Surtain will be there, but we'll see.

There is so many factors that go into this that we don't know yet, but I like giving way too early predictions so:

Ceiling: 9-8

Floor: 5-12

Remember, 17 game schedule this year. Looking at the Eagles schedule, although it is labeled as the easiest in the NFL, Jalen Hurts would need to take a massive step for the Eagles to hit a positive record. The truth is, currently, the Eagles roster just does not have that must talent. Obviously the draft and remaining Free Agent signings could change my opinion on that, but the Eagles have really no young players that they can count on. This year will all be about developing players, and in a much improved NFC East it will not be easy.

I was asked many variations of your first question, and I'll answer the 2nd one later.

In terms of Hurts, I have not seen enough to say with 100% confidence that he will be the guy. I personally do think Jalen will be the franchise quarterback here for many years to come, as long as you know who surrounds him with the weapons to do so. The Eagles just need to give the kid a chance. We may have not seen enough to convince you of his potential yet, but we also saw things that can definitely convince you there is something there. Sadly, it depends a lot on Howie Roseman.

The Watson and Wilson rumors have been weirdly swirling recently, and I'm not sure I've seriously given my thoughts publicly. I think Wilson is definitely less likely then Watson, just because he is much older and would be going to a worse situation then he is in Seattle currently. I know you didn't ask for a percent chance, but I'll give you 15%. For Watson, I could totally see it happening. It would take a massive overhaul, but the Texans would have no issue trading Deshaun to a rebuilding team. You may not agree with me on this, but I think Deshaun makes the Eagles a decent contender instantly. We saw the season he put up with Houston last year, and I think the Eagles coaching could get them more success then they had. This is all assuming the legal issues are cleared up of course, which is not a guarantee by any means. I'll give it a 45% chance. Other teams might not be able to put together the same package as the Eagles, but you have to think Deshaun has some say on where he goes.

This is not meant to get your hopes up. It probably wont happen.

Almost impossible to guess but I'll try. This is assuming he plays in every game.

3,190 Yards

17 TDs

8 INTs

5 Fumbles

680 Rushing Yards, 5 Rushing TDs

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