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Eagles Mailbag- How Likely is a Trade Down in the First Round?

Wow, this draft is really coming up soon huh? It feels like just days ago we were talking about who the Eagles were gonna pick at 6. Here is our weekly mailbag, featuring almost every question about the draft! Make sure to follow my twitter @slayburner24 so you can participate in the next Mailbag!

The reason they traded so early is the same philosophy that the 49ers used in their pre-draft trade. Although they have their eyes set on Mac Jones, they believed that they could give themselves enough time to evaluate all the options at 3 so they make the right choice. Howie traded back because he believes that lots of position players are going to drop due to the run on quarterbacks in the Top 5. Again like San Fransisco, the Eagles can spend all the time they need deciding which prospect to take with the 12th pick. Not only that, it gives him time to make trades, which touches on your 2nd point. I still don't agree with what Howie did, but his philosophy of giving his team as much time as possible to scout their guys at 12 makes total sense.

I still think it's very interesting how quickly the fan base drew to Jaycee Horn, considering at first I don't even think he was being considered. Horn is of course a heavy favorite for the pick, and I personally think it was great. It is hard to answer this question since we really don't know who is even gonna be there at the pick. But, if I'm going off what I think is gonna happen and not what I want to happen, I think they are going to take whoever is on the board between Jaylen Waddle and Devonta Smith. I really would be shocked if both of those guys are gone by 12, and the Eagles seem to be very fond of both. I really am not considering Surtain there, because I don't think there is a chance he falls past Dallas. So Waddle/Smith is 1A and 1B; Jaycee Horn is 2.

So this is asking me for my opinion, not what I think will happen. If Smith and Horn are both there at 12, I'd rather just stay at 12 and pick one of those two. Trading into the Top 10 would have to be for Pitts or Chase, in my opinion. And for trading back, I would say that Pitts, Chase, Horn, Surtain, Waddle, Smith and Slater would all have to be gone to make a trade back a good decision. Yes I threw Slater in there, and I would only like that pick if all said players were not there. If you are asking me what I think will happen, I also think that Howie will just end up staying at 12 and picking. But if someone like Pitts somehow drops out of the Top 7, I could totally see Howie eyeing that Panthers Pick at #8.

I'm assuming you are talking about the draft specifically, not Free Agency. I personally think there is a pretty good chance Howie jumps on an edge rusher with the 37th pick if someone like Gregory Rousseau starts falling. Another thing I think is in play for the 2nd round, maybe even the 1st round, is the Eagles finally valuing a linebacker and taking one early. No one is really talking about Micah Parsons for the Eagles pick, but if he makes it to 12 the Eagles will most likely at least consider it.

Highest: 8(Panthers)

This is definitely something to keep an eye on. Adam Schefter has reported that the Panthers have been fielding calls for the #8 Pick, and we know how aggressive Howie Roseman is in terms of trade ups. Like I said earlier, if a guy they really like falls, I see no reason they cannot make a trade to jump up those 4 slots

Lowest: 22(Ravens)

Yes, I know this seems very low. But the Ravens have been in the market for wideouts all offseason, and if they fall in love with one of them they may overpay to go up and get him. Jaylen Waddle is almost a perfect fit to me in the Ravens offense. Other picks to look at in this range are #20(Bears), #17(Raiders) and #16(Vikings). I'd rule out the Football Team at 19, as I dont see why the Eagles would allow a division rival to trade up and snag a franchise QB.

Well, this is very similar to the previous question, but it actually asks for players to look out for. I'll give you LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koromoah, CB Caleb Farley, CB Greg Newsome and any of those WRs that are not in the top 3 of Smith/Chase/Waddle. Owusu-Koromoah goes back to the old debate about how the Eagles don't value Linebackers, but he is such a fun player and is being overshadowed because of how impressive Micah Parsons is at the top of the draft. Farley is more of a question mark than Newsome, as he did suffer a back injury and was not able to do a real pro day. Any of these guys would be good, but I still feel like you should just stay at 12 and then explore a trade back into the first round.

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