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Eagles vs. Cowboys Week 3 Predictions

Dallas Week.

Those two words send chills down the spine for every Eagles fan and player.

Not because they are scared, but because of how much the rivalry means to each team. It's a cliche, but when these two teams play you can throw the records out the window. Both teams are 1-1, so maybe that applies indirectly anyway.

Starting now, myself and the other Eagles writers will be giving our predictions for each weeks game. Enjoy.

Alex Schlerf (1-1) (@alexschlerf)

I think regardless of who wins, this game will be a shootout. Not that ether teams defense is bad, but I am just getting the feeling from this game. Both teams are missing a key edge rusher, in Brandon Graham and Demarcus Lawrence, with young pieces in both rotations needed to step up. The matchup I'm looking at most in this game is the Cowboys offense against the Eagles secondary. Darius Slay and Steven Nelson have been really good this season, but Anthony Harris and K'Von Wallace have been really meh. There is still a chance that Rodney McLeod returns for this game, but if he doesn't, I'm worried about these Dallas wideouts getting loose down the field. If you remember last season in Week 16, Slay had to keep switching to each wideout over and over since the secondary was decimated. This is different however, and the defensive line will have to be better this week then last week. It's not a must win, but an early division win would be nice. I think the Eagles offense as a whole has a big game, but I can't pick the Eagles to win in Dallas with the Cowboys coming off a win.

Cowboys over Eagles, 30-23

LJ Nessler (1-1) . (@lj_nesler)

Dallas will open the game in the shotgun to limit the movement on Dak’s ankle, and they will try to get Pollard and Zeke going from the jump. In Dallas’s first two games, the offense has been one dimensional. Week 1 was all Dak, and Week 2 was a ground and pound approach. If Jonathan Gannon’s defense can make Dallas’s offense one dimensional in the sense that Dak is throwing the ball almost every play, the defensive line could dictate the outcome of this game. On offense, Nick Sirianni must get the ball in the hands of his best player, who is DeVonta Smith. Smith has a favorable matchup going against a vulnerable Dallas secondary, and if Smith can come away with that breakout game fans are waiting for, Philly could escape Dallas with a win. Jake Elliot wins the game on a field goal as time expires.

Eagles over Cowboys, 31-30.

Graeme Simpson (1-1) (@graeme____)

The Eagles are coming into this Monday night game with lots on time to dwell on the disappointing loss last week. Cleaning up mental errors and play calling will be a necessity for the Birds as they head to Dallas. The Cowboys have both both of their games down to the wire and are a field goal away from being 2-0. Coming into this season, Dallas already had plenty of offensive weapons, but adding Tony Pollard to the rushing attack makes them even more versatile. Whichever team that can put 30 points on offense will walk away with a win. Unfortunately for Philly, Dallas just have more offensive playmakers.

Cowboys over Eagles, 31-24

Jesse(1-1) (@PrimetimeJesse)

Nick Sirianni and his eagles are currently 1-1 coming to Dallas after a tough loss coming at home in Philly against the San Francisco 49ers in a game where they had plenty of chances to win. Their opponent the Dallas Cowboys are coming off a win after going up against the Los Angeles Chargers winning by a last second field goal and now coming back home to Dallas to play their first home game of the season with a record of 1-1. For the past couple of years the Eagles haven’t played that great in Dallas. But I think that will change Monday night. I think Nick Sirianni will go back and use his game plan that worked from week one that was working well for everyone on the offense and the offense will score a good amount of points. On the defensive side I think the eagles will a little off with the loss of Brandon Graham. Guys like Josh Sweat,Derek Barnett, and Ryan Kerrigan all have to step up and bring pressure to Dak Prescott. I think this game is going to be closer then the national media thinks I think the game comes down to which defense will make the important stops. Go Birds!

Eagles over Cowboys 28-24

Samuel Goldberg(1-1) (@Sam_GoldbergCSN)

Here is my unbiased opinion of the upcoming game between the Cowboys and the Eagles. I really want to pick the eagles on Monday Night Football however, I feel that the young core of the Eagles will not preform in a tough place to play on Monday night. With the addition of Mailata and Brooks out for that game, I see the veterans of the cowboys getting it done at home.

Cowboys over Eagles 27-13

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