Final NFL Mock Draft- Devonta Smith vs. Jaycee Horn

Well here we go, today is the day. Draft Day is finally here and I am sure Eagles fans are very stressed out. To pass the time before the draft begins, here is my final NFL 2021 Mock Draft. If you want to see any of my other mocks, go to @slayburner24 and you can find them there. Or, check out the Mock Draft from LJ and AJ that was posted a few days ago on the site!

#1: Jaguars- QB Trevor Lawrence, Clemson

The NFL's worst kept secret will be over soon enough. Jacksonville has made it no secret that Lawrence is their future guy. Lawrence had a brilliant career at Clemson, and the Jaguars will look to build around him in their future picks.

#2: Jets- QB Zach Wilson, BYU

The Jets traded Sam Darnold only a few weeks ago, all but confirming that they are going to take the BYU product with the second overall pick. The only debate here would be between Fields and Wilson, but it seems that every team has Wilson higher on their board. I've really liked how the Jets are slowly building this team for the future, and with another first round pick they can also build around their new franchise guy.

#3: 49ers(via MIA)- QB Mac Jones, Alabama

While the first two picks in the draft seem like absolute locks, the 49ers have definitely put their pick into some confusion. For the last couple of weeks it had seemed that Jones was going to be the pick here, but over the weekend it was reported that San Fransisco was deciding between Trey Lance and Mac Jones. It sounds like Kyle Shanahan is on Jones, and his staff is more sold on the dual threat out of North Dakota State. I really think they will not decide on this until hours, or maybe even minutes before they are on the clock. In the end, I see them siding with Jones, who seems to be a good fit for what the 49ers want in a quarterback. There are doubts about how Jones' game will translate to the NFL, but no one can deny the stats he put up in Tuscaloosa.

#4: Falcons- TE Kyle Pitts, Florida

When I first started making these mock drafts, I really expected the Falcons to take a quarterback to groom behind Matt Ryan here. But as time has moved on, I think they ether go with Pitts or trade back with a team that needs a QB. The interest in the versatile Florida tight end is visible within the Falcons organization, according to Jeremy Fowler. Pitts is listed as a tight end, but he can play all over the field due to his freakish build. Many see him as the most NFL-ready player in the entire draft.

#5: Bengals- OT Penei Sewell, Oregon

While I'm sure it will be tempting to select Joe Burrow's former teammate Ja'Marr Chase here, the Bengals need to protect their quarterback first. Although they added Riley Reiff on the offensive line, they still need a long term left tackle. Sewell opted out in 2020, but has remained as one of the highest ranked offensive lineman in recent memory.

#6: Dolphins(via PHI): WR Ja'Marr Chase, LSU

This pick really should be a no brainer if the board plays out like this. If the Dolphins are telling everyone they are convinced of Tua Tagovailoa as their franchise guy, they need to surround him with more weapons. Chase is another guy who opted out in 2020, but broke records in 2019 at LSU. It seems the decision will be between Pitts and Chase if they stay here, but as Pitts is gone in this mock they opt for Ja'Marr here.

#7: Lions- WR Jaylen Waddle, Alabama

The Lions WR core is in absolute shambles right now. If you can name more then one wideout on their roster right now, congratulations. I could honestly see the Lions going quarterback here, even after their recent acquisition of Jared Goff. Another option is tackle, with Rashawn Slater being graded at around this range of picks. But I see the Lions opting for Waddle over his teammate Smith, mostly because I like the fit more.

#8: Patriots(via CAR): QB Justin Fields, Ohio State

A trade! Yes, I see Bill Belichick going against his normal ways and trading up in the draft for their new franchise quarterback. The Panthers have been fielding calls for this pick, and any of the quarterback needy teams are the favorites here(Broncos, Bears, WFT). In the Panthers eyes, they can net an extra first round pick and still get a very god player at 15. Fields played in many big games at Ohio State, and could be QB1 in many other drafts.

#9: Broncos- LB Micah Parsons, Penn State

I also thought about this pick as a potential trade back, but I think Parsons is too good to pass up for Denver. Parsons is another guy that opted out in 2020(this Top 10 is showing how that really made no impact on draft stock), but wowed in 2019 for the Nittany Lions. Denver seems committed to Drew Lock as their QB for one last year, so bolstering the mostly-aging defense seems right here.

#10: Cowboys- CB Patrick Surtain, Alabama

I think this pick is as close to a lock as you can get for a non-QB. Dallas clearly needs secondary help, and Surtain is a guy you can instantly plug in. There is of course a chance that Dallas likes Jaycee Horn more here, but Surtain just makes more sense in my eyes. There is an outside chance Kwity Paye goes here, as the Cowboys pass rush definitely was not the most impressive last year.

#11: Giants- DE Kwity Paye, Michigan

Speaking of Paye, I am mocking him to New York at 11. Like Dallas, the Giants really need pash rush help after bolstering their wide receiver core in Free Agency. I could definitely see them going offense here however, so Daniel Jones really has no excuses not to succeed in Jason Garrett's offense. I think it comes down to Devonta Smith, Slater and Paye here. Don't rule out a trade ether, even if Dave Gettleman has never traded down in his tenure with the Giants.

#12: Eagles(via MIA)- CB Jaycee Horn, South Carolina

This would be an incredibly tough decision for the Eagles. You have two proven guys at two positions that are of your highest need. If the board plays out like this, it is going to come down to which position they think is more of a need. I opted with the cornerback Horn because I believe the Eagles have a chance to pick a very good wideout with #37. Not that the cornerback falls off at that point at all, but the wide receivers that could potentially be there have the potential to be game changers in the NFL. It is clear the Eagles would have no problem taking Smith, as from the press conference the Eagles held last week. I have been going back and forth between Smith and Horn for the past week, and I am going to stick with Horn as my final pick. It would not shock me in the slightest if the Eagles went with Smith here.

#13: Chargers- OT Rashawn Slater, Northwestern

Now that Los Angles has their franchise quarterback, they need someone to protect him. The Chargers offensive line was not great at all last year, so Slater can slot in and hopefully be a franchise cornerstone. This seems like a no brainer pick to me, but if they prefer Darrisaw more then there is a chance they go that way.

#14: Cardinals(via MIN)- WR Devonta Smith, Alabama

Here is my next trade, as Arizona jumps only two spots to pick their next long-term wideout. I feel that Arizona would be worried that Carolina would jump on him just one pick before them, and Minnesota can be confident that they will still get the guy they want. This is a bit of a fall for the Heisman winner, which is most likely due to the concerns about his size. Although they have Deandre Hopkins, Larry Fitzgerland may retire and AJ Green is a short-term option. Arizona needs to surround Kyler Murray with as many weapons as possible so they can have success next season.

#15: Panthers(via NE)- OT Christian Darrisaw, Virginia Tech

So the Panthers move back eight spots and still get a very solid tackle prospect out of Virginia Tech. The Panthers badly need offensive line help, and Darrisaw is decent value around this range even though he opted out in 2020. Carolina is desperate for a cornerback as well, but with the top two off the board I wouldn't see them reaching for a Farley or Newsome here.

#16: Vikings(via AZ)- DE Jaelan Phillips, Miami

Darrisaw could be an option for Minnesota here, but of course they would not trade back if that was the top guy on their board. Phillips is the real definition of a boom or bust player, very much like his teammate Gregory Rosseau. With good coaching, everyone can see the potential, but how will that fit into this Vikings defense? They need defensive line help after a down year on that side of the ball, and Vikings fans would hope that Mike Zimmer can get out the massive potential of the MIami edge rusher.

#17: Raiders- LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Notre Dame

Oh man, I love this fit. In 99% of drafts, Owusu-Koramoah would be considered easily as the best linebacker in the class. But, with the impressiveness of Parsons, it seems like he is being forgotten by the public even though he has a first round grade on him. The Raiders could use help anywhere on the defensive side of the ball, but I don't think Mike Mayock can pass on the Notre Dame linebacker if he falls here.

#18: Dolphins- DE Gregory Rousseau, Miami

Speaking of Rousseau, here he is at 18. To be perfectly honest, I am not sold on him, but I can see the Dolphins slightly reaching here to pick Rousseau. He is just very unproven to me, and with no film from 2020 it is just incredibly hard to gage his game off 2019 film alone. Miami really needs a pass rusher, so I could see Jayson Oweh and Azeez Olujari being options here as well. Don't rule out a trade back ether.

#19: Football Team- QB Trey Lance, North Dakota State

Yep, you are seeing that right. I'm sure loads of teams would inquire with Miami if Lance kept falling like this, but in the end he falls to Washington. Obviously quarterback is not the most pressing need right now, but Fitzpatrick is not the long term option there and preparing early is not a bad idea. Lance is another guy I'm not sold on personally, but the potential he has is very intriguing.

#20: Bears- CB Greg Newsome, Northwestern

The Bears I'm sure were hoping that Lance somehow fell into their lap, but that is a pipe dream. Instead, let's get them some secondary help in Newsome. Newsome is another guy who fell under the radar with the top corners in this draft, but has caught on as the draft has come closer.

#21: Saints(via IND)- CB Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech

Earlier today, it was reported that New Orleans are interested in trading up for the young corner. I know it sounds unrealistic here, as the Colts need corner help as well, but I think the Saints end up overpaying. Farley was considered as the potential best corner in this class before he had to have back surgery and could not have a real pro day. It is a definite risk, but if any team like New Orleans trusts that these issues have been solved, I'm sure they will pull the trigger.

#22: Titans- OLB Azeez Olujari, Georgia

If I was a Titans fan, I would be licking my chops after they made this pick. The Titans have a desperate need for pass rush after last season, and Olujari is perfect. I could see corner here as well, but with Farley and Newsome gone it probably will not be the case in this mock.

#23: Jets- OT Teven Jenkins, Oklahoma State

I really, really wanted to go Najee Harris here, but I feel that offensive line is more of a pressing need. Jenkins is a flat out monster, and is someone I am personally very high on. If you watch his tape, he is just plays very angry and seems to make few mistakes.

#24: Steelers- RB Najee Harris, Alabama

After the Jets passed on him, it seems like a good fit for Pittsburgh to get Harris here. They also really need offensive line help, but due to the deep draft I feel the Steelers grab an impact player that limit the amount of times Big Ben has to throw the ball. I like Landon Dickerson as a fit here as well.

#25: Jaguars- S Trevon Moehrig, TCU

I really don't think I even need to explain this pick. Although it would be nice to grab some offensive help for Trevor, the Jags need help at safety and Moehrig is the best one in this class. I have had this mocked in all of the mocks that I have done this year, and it is one of my favorite fits in the entire first round. Don't let me down here Jacksonville.

#26: Packers(via CLE)- WR Rashod Bateman, Minnesota

It is probably unlikely that this amount of trades happens tonight, but this is just a mock. The Browns will see that almost all the top edge rushers are gone, so trading back only a few spots will not affect their big board. It was even rumored that the Packers are interested in Bateman, and another weapon would be welcomed by Aaron Rodgers.

#27: Ravens- WR Terrance Marshall Jr., LSU

The Ravens will double dip in the first round after gaining the Chiefs first rounder in the Orlando Brown trade, and I see them tackling receiver here. Marshall is another one of those LSU guys who put up massive numbers under Ed Orgeron.

#28: Colts(via NO)- CB Kelvin Joseph, Kentucky

This may be a slight reach here, but after the board has played out I see Indy grabbing the next best corner. The other option here is Asante Samuel Jr. out of Florida State, but I think they get Joseph over him.

#29: Browns(via GB)- LB Jamin Davis, Kentucky

We have back-to-back Kentucky picks as the Browns settle for a linebacker after most of the high end edge rushers are gone. Davis is another guy who is slipping under the radar but has very big potential in the NFL.

#30: Bills- RB Travis Etienne, Clemson

I've been going back and forth with what Buffalo can do here. I thought about an edge rusher, interior offensive lineman and even a wideout. However, I think Etienne could fill that hole that they expected Devin Singletary to fill. Keep watch for Alijah Vera-Tucker here.

#31: Ravens- OL Alijah Vera-Tucker, USC

And after Buffalo does not go with offensive line, they snag Vera-Tucker instead. I'd say Baltimore came out of this first round very well, grabbing a wideout and a versatile lineman.

#32: Buccaneers- DE Jayson Oweh, Penn State

It seems ridiclous to say, but Tampa Bay really does not have many needs. They are not filling a need per say with this pic, just preparing for the future. Oweh had no sacks in 2020 but had a monster combine and is seen as a first rounder by some.

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