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Flyers Trending Down in Power Rankings

No surprise here, the Flyers have plummeted in several NHL Power Rankings. After a dreadful loss to a historically bad Sabers squad, Philadelphia now have a 17-4-4 record, including being 4-5-1 in their last 10.

As the playoff pushes get tighter, this is not the time to have a slump. The Flyers, who are currently 5th in East, will play the 4th place Boston Bruins three times in the next nine days, to virtually make or break the season.



Rank: 19th

Prev Rank: 15th

"The Flyers season is quickly derailing" is how ESPN justified their ranking and they aren't wrong at all.

The Athletic

Rank: 23rd

Prev Rank: 32nd

Yes, you saw that right, we were ranked 32nd last week. We could have only gone up from there and I guess the 2-1 victory over the Rangers helped our case to move in the rankings.

Bleacher Report

Rank: 20th

Prev Rank 16th

Bleacher Report have us just below the New York Rangers, who we are ahead of in the division, but it is clear the Sabers loss is going to continue to haunt this Philly squad in power ranks.


It seems that the consensus is that the Flyers are around the 20th best team in the National Hockey League. However, they are consistently ranked ahead of teams such as the Canucks, Flames, and Blue Jackets, which isn't saying much. A big week ahead for the Flyers ahead of them, facing off against the Islanders and Bruins multiple times. Staying solid in the next week will not only be crucial in terms of playoff seeding, but we might see the Flyers shoot up some Power Ranking Boards.

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