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Game Preview: Sixers Head to Utah for Late Night Affair

After dropping their 4th straight to the Pacers, the shorthanded 76ers are still just that. They're now looking for a huge win in Utah as the second half of a TNT doubleheader, against a 5th seeded Jazz team who has lost 4 of their last 5.

Injury Report

Thybulle and Embiid should both be nearing returns within the next week, while Danny Green's injury is more unclear. And Ben Simmons is still Ben Simmons.

The Jazz have ruled big man Rudy Gay out and are otherwise completely healthy.

Players to Watch

Sixers - Tyrese Maxey

Maxey will continue to be Philadelphia's X-Factor until they get their full team back and resolve number 25's situation. When he's playing like he has been he changes the dynamic of the Sixers offense and takes a load off of everyone else. The leap he's taken on both ends is spectacular.

Jazz - Donovan Mitchell

No surprises here either. The Jazz superstar has the rare potential to score from anywhere at any time. He's scored 20+ in his last 8 contests and is the go to guy in clutch situations for Utah. Limiting him would go a long way to slowing down everything else the Jazz do on offense.

A win can't be expected against a team like the Jazz with who Philly is missing. But with how tough they've played without those same guys so far, starting a road trip on a good note would go a long way into keeping the ship afloat until they get their guys back.

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