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Never A Doubt- Bryce Harper Wins National League MVP

artwork by Dhwani Saraiya


As if there was any doubt, Bryce Aron Max Harper has won the 2021 National League Most Valuable Player award, the second of his career. After beating out Juan Soto and Fernando Tatis Jr with 17 first place votes, it was simply a cakewalk to victory for the Phillies superstar. He becomes just the 32nd player to ever win multiple MVP’s in MLB history.

I tried telling you, people. This race wasn't going to be very close. Bryce Harper was far and away the clear best player in the NL this season, and one of the best players in baseball, period. However, some voters didn't seem to think so, with Bryce also receiving 9 second place votes, 2 third place, and somehow one fourth and one fifth place vote. I'll let you figure out who did that for yourselves.

After putting up a line of .309/.429/.615 with 35 bombs and a league-best 1.044 OPS, nobody should've questioned who's name Mike Schmidt would announce tonight. Bryce Harper is the MVP and he was worth every single penny. I request everyone who called him overrated or overpaid to fill out the form below-


For the first time since 2007, the Philadelphia Phillies have an MVP. Bryce joins Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, Mike Schmidt, Jim Konstanty, and Chuck Klein as the franchise's only players to win the award.

Bryce will also receive a $50k bonus for winning the Slugger, along with a $500k bonus for winning the MVP.

MV3 is finally a reality.

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