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OPINION: The Flyers Should Trade For Wayne Simmonds

With the Philadelphia Flyers season about to begin, a familiar name of the organization has become available, and the Flyers should jump all over him. Wayne Simmonds would be the veteran presence that this team so desperately needs. You might be wondering why the Flyers should trade for Wayne Simmonds. Well, Wayne Simmonds should end his career with the team he played for the most in his career.

In his time with the Flyers from 2011-2019, he posted 203 goals and 175 assists in his 8-year tenure with the Flyers. The Maple Leafs have made it clear that they do not care about the return they get for Simmonds, so if I were the Flyers, I would send over a 6th-round pick to the Maple Leafs to bring Simmonds home.

Simmonds will not post the numbers he had when he was a Flyer. Still, with a couple of the young guys making the roster, it would be wise for the Flyers to bring Simmonds in to be a leader and voice for the young guys in the locker room. This locker room needs a leader in the worst way possible, and Wayne Simmonds would be that guy in the locker room that the guys can lean on.

You could stick Simmonds on the third or second line to provide a vet that has been in the game and knows how the Flyers play their brand of hockey. Simmonds would provide the broad street bullies type of leadership to the voiceless locker room that the Flyers have and be a veteran presence from which the young guys would benefit so much.

In due time we will see if the Flyers make this move. The Flyers will play their season opener at Wells Fargo on Wednesday against the New Jersey Devils. Hopefully, we will see Simmonds in orange and black.

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