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Phillies Blow Another Save, So What Else is New?

The Philadelphia Phillies had an absolute meltdown last night in Cincinnati. Honestly, I am not surprised. The Phillies think they are contenders but really they are pretenders.

The Phils seemed like they were going to have a good night, but all of that changed heading into the 7th inning. While other teams are hitting .359 against the Phillies bullpen in the 7th inning and beyond, the Phillies bullpen collectively has an Earned Run Average (ERA) of 7.39; the worst in Major League Baseball.

In the eighth inning, you may have asked yourself, who is Maton? Is he a recently signed rookie? Where did he come from? Well, the answer to those questions is Maton is actually our second baseman. He pitches better than some of our relief pitchers in the bullpen. He faced one batter in the eighth inning and struck him out! After striking out the batter he was checked for, you guessed it, illegal substances used to enhance pitching. Of course, nothing was found; he was simply that good.

Let's run it back real quick. The Phillies were up 4-2 going into the seventh inning. For some reason, Joe decides to not run the hot hand of Falter anymore after going four innings. He then brings in Feliz, who fittingly, in his Philly debut, joins the club in blowing the save. Feliz should absolutely be sent back down, no questions asked. He simply cannot pitch. Then, to top that Joe brings in De Los Santos, who can't pitch either, and just like that, our two-run lead vanishes in a second.

TEN FREAKING RUNS were given up in two innings of baseball from arguably the worst bullpen in all of Major League Baseball. It is a disgrace and an embarrassment that the Phillies have blown their 21st save this year; we are only 76 games into the season. To put this into perspective, up until this season, the most blown saves this organization had in a full season were 25 blown saves back in 2004.

Oh, and by the way Ryhs Hoskins, there is nothing positive to report on this team. Everyone on this team has no heart and it just looks like everyone is there to collect their paycheck. The Phillies are pretenders right now and they need to get that into their heads.

The fact that this team is a Marlins sweep away from being .500 is downright amazing at this point. Joe is not a great situational manager and it shows. All this double switch crap and going by the numbers clearly isn't working. All the statistics and numbers nonsense (BS) needs to be kept out of the Phillies organization.

It's like a TikTok trend the Phillies are trying but failing at horribly. They are making this trend look like a joke. They clearly have no clue what they are doing. This team needs to rethink their game plan because if they continue to play like this and somehow, by the grace of God, make the playoffs, it's going to be a total and utter embarrassment.

The Phillies need to get their act together right now. We are seeing good talent go to waste. This team needs to figure it out and get hot. If things don't change it looks like another mediocre season for the Phillies.

Hypothetically, if the Phillies didn't have 21 blown saves this season and they won those games, the Phillies would be sitting pretty with a record of 57-29. Instead, they are 36-40. Somehow, the bullpen seems to just let us down every year. Can't wait for a painful Marlins series.

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