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Phillies Look to Complete the Sweep

The Phillies are looking to complete the sweep against the Atlanta Braves today and one thing that has not disappointed so far is pitching. So far both starting and bullpen pitching has looked stellar. It is really refreshing to see good pitching in Philadelphia again. Granted we are just 2 games into the season but hey nothing getting your hopes up early right!

Zach Eflin will take the mound today for the fightin phils. Eflin had an ok season last year where he went 4 and 2 with a 3.97 earned run average (ERA). It was an up and down kinda season for Eflin, he either had great stuff but couldn't control the ball, or he would be on point the whole game. You really never knew what Eflin we were getting.

Expectations are high for Eflin this season. Eflin has all the tools to be an All-Star and really become one of the best pitchers in baseball. It is all about putting all the tools together every start. He is generating more movement on his sinker, but now also has a reliable fastball to go with as well. His slider is his favorite pitch to go to though, he used it 20.3% of the time last year and it's a good one. It almost has movement of a curveball ball but then just tails off at the end. Mix that in with his curveball that's almost like a 12-6 type of curve, Eflin has the tools to be an All-Star this year.

The Phillies will get to see the Braves 2016 first-round pick Ian Anderson on the mound today. He saw his first major league action last season posting a 3 and 2 record with a 1.95 earned run average (ERA) in just 6 starts with the team. He is pretty much your standard 3 pitch pitcher with a fastball change-up and a curveball. He does have a sinker but he only threw it 8 times last season. He does have some velocity as well, with his fastball getting to 96 miles per hour (MPH). He generates a lot of movement on his slider and curve that deceive hitters.

Now the question I have is who will hit the first home run? I am honestly surprised that there has not been a home run yet on the Phillies. Now do not get me wrong I will gladly take 3-2, 4-0 victories, but I would like to see the ball fly out of the yard. I am just surprised with this line up we haven't seen a home run yet from anyone on the team so far. I think we will see the ball fly today for the Phillies. It is a hitting type of day. I think we will see 2 Phillies home runs today to get the team going.

Overall I do believe that the Phillies will complete the sweep today and in big fashion. I think the Phillies will win the game today 6-1. We will see a great start from Eflin today and the Phillies bats will come alive today to complete the sweep and start the season out 3-0.

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