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Phillies Play Biggest Series of the Last Decade

The Philadephia Phillies will play their biggest series in the past ten years tonight as they will take on the Atlanta Braves. The Phillies and Braves are in a race to win the National League East Division. The Phillies are currently two and a half games back on the Braves but a sweep would mean the Phillies will go into first place heading into the final series.

The Phillies will send out their ACE tonight in Zack Wheeler. Wheeler has been dominant this year for the Phillies and they need one more good start from him tonight against the Braves.

The Phillies have Aaron Nola on the mound for tomorrow's game. Nola needs to have another big start for the Phillies just like he had in his last start where he struck out nine batters. Nola needs to be sharp and be able to pitch effectively.

Finally, the Phillies will send out Kyle Gibson out on the mound for the series finale. Gibson has been fantastic for the Phillies since his acquisition. Gibson will need the help from his defense to get him a good start.

The Phillies will be in enemy territory for the series and they have struggled on the road this year, but they will need to be on their game for the series as the Braves have their three best pitchers working for them as well in this series.

Alec Bohm has been recalled for this series. He has been on fire at the triple-a-level and will look to help the Phillies make that final push for the division.

This series will ultimately tell who will win the race for the National League East. The Phillies will need to sweep the Braves here and most likely sweep the Marlins as well to win the division. However, the Phillies need to focus on tonight's game and win one game at a time.

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