Phillies somehow win the series against the Padres

Well, folks, we are coming down to the final stretch of games here before the all-star break and the Phillies had their final home series against the Padres. Let's take a look at what happened over the fourth of July weekend.

The Phillies welcomed in the San Diego Padres, one of the hotter teams in baseball, to a three-game series. The Phillies started Zack Wheeler for the first game of the series and he threw an absolute gem of a game. Also, Zack Wheeler is an all-star this year!

He was rolling into the eighth inning and he had two outs before joe decides to pull him for zero reasons. It was a dumb call to bring in your closer to get four outs. Alvarado would get the last out but then ran into trouble in the ninth.

He would give up a base hit and would be pulled from the game. Ranger Saurez would look to get his first save and he blew it. They up a game-tying two-run single down the left-field line to tie the game. That is their 22nd blown save this season.

This bullpen is a mess right now. It didn't get prettier as the series went on.

However, after a scoreless top of the 10th inning, the Phillies had a chance to win, and guess who called the game.....

Brad Miller sent one to center field and we all thought it was gone. It was later scored as a base hit. None the less a walk-off is a walk-off.

Also, Didi made his return to the lineup in the game and he was welcomed back with a bang.

Overall, the Phillies would grab the first game in walk-off fashion and win four to three.

The second was the smoothest Phillies victory we have seen all season. The Phillies actually acted like a baseball team for this one. This game didn't have the greatest of starts with a two-hour rain delay but then we got the ball rolling and off we went.

Manny Machado was the only source of offense for the Padres as he blasted a two-run home run to give the Padres an early lead in the game.

But the Phillies would strike "back" as both Harper and Hoskins went back to back to tie the game at two apiece. Both were Moonshots!

That would tie the ballgame up! Eflin was dealing for the Phillies after he gave up the home run. He only allowed three more hits after the homerun. a job well done.

After that, we had to pause again for the rain. Rain rain go away, please.

After the second rain delay, we had more action. Rhys Hoskins would increase the lead with a double to left field but everybody knew what was coming in the form of the bullpen. However, the bullpen did a fantastic job of actually closing the game and they got a little help from the defense.

Finally, Joe put in Ranger Saurez to try and shut the door and he came in and just did that. Ranger would pick up his first save in the Major Leagues. Overall, this game for the Phillies was the smoothest game for them this season.

Honestly, I think it's best we don't talk about the third game. The BCIB J.T. was the only bright spot for the Phillies. He hit a home run to right field and that was it. We saw Hector Neris just fall apart. he gave up six runs in the ninth. Just a complete disaster. The bullpen was so bad that Andrew Knapp came in and had to pitch. When the Phillie lose, they lose in incredible fashion.

Overall, the Phillies did take two of three in this series and can go on a run here to go into the break. We will wait and see what happens.

Photo Credit: The Good Phight

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