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Phillies vs. Orioles Series Recap

Going into this series the Philadelphia Phillies were 2.0 games behind the Atlanta Braves. The Phils would be heading to Baltimore to play against the 47-102 Orioles. The Orioles, who have already been eliminated from the playoffs are just trying to finish the bottom second half of their games strong and getting reps. On Monday night the Phillies would start Ranger Suarez on the mound and try and get the Phillies a few good wins against a horrific team. It seems like this year the bad teams are the ones that give the Phillies their struggles. Ranger Suarez started out this game struggling, allowing 5 hits and 2 runs in just the first 2 innings. From there, nothing happened at all. Ranger Suarez pitched himself a decent game after that. Unfortunately, the Phillies couldn’t get any momentum on the offensive end, only racking up 4 hits for the entire game. They would go on to lose this game 2-0. The last time the Phillies were shutout by a 100 loss team was 23 years ago. Philly is now 3 games behind the Atlanta Braves. The phillies have to get some momentum entering the bottom second half of the season. Losses like this are completely unacceptable.

On Tuesday night the Phillies were looking to get a win after a horrendous loss. The game was very ugly, going into extra innings. Didi Gregorius struggled in the outfield with two bad errors, but the Phils got a much needed win with a J.T Realmuto walk off triple in the bottom of the 10th inning, allowing Bryce Harper to score the winning run. The Phillies get a much needed win against one of the worst teams in the league finsihing off the night winning 3-2. Adonis Medina was the starting pitcher for the Phils who struggled in the first inning, but luckily gave up only one run throwing only 69 pitches for the night.

Zach Wheeler took the mound on Wednesday night only giving up one run in 97 pitches for the night. The Phillies get another much needed win, but will be staying 3 games behind the Atlanta Braves. This game was won by two fantastic defensive plays in the 8th inning. One fantastic catch from Matt Vierling, and another by Bryce Harper throwing out a runner at home all the way from the outfield. The Phillies would end up winnignt his game 4-3. Bryce Harper continues to extend his MVP race with his fantastic play all season, especially with his performances in the last month. The Phillies get another much needed win against a bad team. The Phillies started this series 2.0 games behind the Atlanta Braves and have moved to 3.0 games behind them.

The Phillies will move on to face the Pittsburgh Pirates in a 4 game series starting tonight at 7:05.

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