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Phillies Walk the Plank in Pittsburgh

The Philadelphia Phillies had a short trip up the Alleghany River to take on the Pittsburgh Pirates in a three-game series.

The Phillies needed to win this series to catch up to the Mets and well let us just say that Phillies are back to ground zero after this series.

The Phillies started off with a horrible game one losing 7-0. They only recorded one hit during the whole game. Vinny V started this game and he was just awful. If the Phillies mean business about winning, Vinny V should no longer be on this team.

In-game two the Phillies fell again after the offense was just lifeless in the first two-game of this series. They fell 3-2 in game two as Jose Alvarado could not keep the game tied in the bottom of the ninth as the PIrates would walk it off to win. Aaron Nola had a great start for the Phillies but the offense stayed mute again.

All of a sudden the Offense said hello and finally woke up against the third-worst team in baseball. Newbie Kyle Gibson started for the Phillies and he turned in a masterful performance in his Phillies debut. Also, Gibson recorded his 1000th strikeout in the Big Leagues in this outing.

The Phillies would end up salvaging a game, winning 15-4. Newcomer Ian Kennedy will fit right in with the bullpen. In his Phillies debut, he gave up a two-run home run in the ninth inning.

All and all the Phillies are back to square one. They are in second place in the division and are yet again three and a half games back of the Mets.

The Phillies just need to have fun and play baseball. They need to go on some sort of run if they want to win the division because they are certainly not going to win a wild card spot.

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