Rapid Fire Reactions after Philly holds on against Orlando

Philadelphia is back in the win column and back over .500 with a much needed win after what the Timberwolves game was. They barley cleared 40% from the field as a team and let an inferior opponent back into the game, but this is also just their third game with a full rotation available.

Joel Embiid was decidedly not himself today, missing 12 of his 16 attempts. His usual free throw production saved some of the box score numbers from looking to bad, but it wasn't great. And I have no issue with that because it's his second game back from a virus he admitted to struggling through, and something that's serious. Heal up soon, big guy.

Tobias Harris picked up the slack in the first half but just can't put together two halves of good basketball right now. He just isn't that guy, for lack of a better way to describe it. It'd be better if the Sixers weren't giving a max contract to someone that probably should be on a Jerami Grant type of deal.

Seth Curry is fun. Keep him here forever, please Daryl.

For a final note, this entire group is still learning how to play together, especially with Joel back on the court. He changes so much of what the Sixers do, it takes time for everyone to adjust. Again, they've only had their 'full' team for three games now. And their full team isn't even their full team because of 25's situation.

So yeah, don't worry about this game. Philly will be fine, they got the win and it's on to Boston. Should be fun.

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