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Series Recap-Phillies Energy is Lost in 3 Game Sweep against New York

Well, that was disappointing. The Phillies were swept out of New York in a 4 game series, with the last game being postponed. That was probably for the best, as the Mets were slated to have Jacob DeGrom pitching. Let's look at what went wrong.

Offensive Struggles, Once Again

Well, I can say the one thing I didn't expect to be worrying about after the first few weeks was the offense. When you have the amount of talent you have in 6-7 of the slots in the lineup, you should not be struggling this much against mostly-mediocre pitching. I mean, being no hit by David Peterson for 4-5 innings? All the people that entered the series with momentum, especially Rhys Hoskins, completely fell asleep at the plate. The Phillies have had a 27.6% strikeout rate so far this season, which is 4th-highest in the entire MLB. I don't want to go here so I'll barely touch on it, but you cannot expect to keep up with any good offense when your last 3 hitters are making outs 99.9% of the time(that is not a real stat, you get it). Although the NL East teams have struggled so far out, this hitting will NEED to improve heading into a series with St. Louis. The Cardinals, in fact, scored 14 runs in a game against the Washington Nationals recently. I'm not going to overreact, but this isn't something you can just ignore. With Adam Haseley being sent down for personal reasons, we'll see if Mickey Moniak can bring any kind of offense to that #8 Spot. If I were to guess I'd say the offense improves next series, but you never know at this point.

PS- Why was Ronald Torreyes even in the lineup? Didi did not need a rest and he struck out on 3 pitches in 2 At Bats.

Bad Starts to Games

Now I don't think the Phillies starting pitching was bad this series by any means, but these poor first innings have to stop. That now makes 3 out of the last 4 games that the Phillies have had an instant deficit after the Top of the 1st. Obviously the offense wasn't scoring anyway, but it is really hard to keep confidence up when you keep falling in 1-0, 2-0 and 3-0 holes at the beginning of every game. Zach Wheeler looked brilliant to begin the series, but really didn't have it in his 2nd start albeit a good rebound. With your #4 and #5 pitchers not looking great at all, we are going to need to see some dominance from the Top 3. That does not exclude Nola and Eflin at all, as they struggled also in their 2nd start. We'll see them(not Wheeler) against St. Louis, and I am very interested to see how they respond to the setback; especially Nola.

Roman Quinn

Yes, he is getting his own section. This is ridiculous. Roman Quinn is batting .050 this season. He's been reckless on the base paths. This just cannot keep happening. Roman Quinn cannot see the field, besides from pinch running and potentially hitting. I don't have his strikeout rate, but I can almost guarantee it is bottom 20 in the MLB. At this point you just have to look at other options. Of course we know Mickey Moniak will get time(he was in today's lineup before it was postponed), but Quinn would still get time when Haseley was up. If Moniak can produce literally anything on offense, he should be playing in 9 out of 10 games. I would consider Odubel at this point as well. Please, just stop playing Roman Quinn.

Hector Neris... Again

Yes, I am going to give Hector another short section. Can we please relax on the hate? Hector has been incredible this year, and after one blown save the entire fan base jumps on his back. Are we serious guys? Not to mention a lot of the reason the save was blown was stuff out of his control. Just trust me on this one.

What's Next

After that incredibly strange series, the Phillies will head back home to face the 6-6 St. Louis Cardinals. I would say the Cardinals are much better then their record shows, although their starting pitching has really faltered in the past few games. The Phillies should be able to pounce on that, if their offense chooses to show up:

Game 1: Eflin vs. Martinez

Game 2: Moore vs. Kim

Game 3: Nola vs. Gant

None are household names, and all have ether not pitched or have pitched very poorly. Realistically, the Phillies need to bounce back and win at least 2 out of 3 games to keep pace in the NL East. Tomorrow's game is a 7:05 Start on NBCS Philadelphia.

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