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Should The Eagles Trade Andre Dillard?

I could argue that the #1 question going into training camp on July 27th is: Who Will Start at LT?

On the one hand, you have Jordan Mailata. Mailata was a guy the Eagles took a flyer on in the 7th Round back in 2018, without having really any expectations. He didn't touch the field until 2020, when a mass amount of injuries eventually forced the Eagles to play the former rugby player. Mailata shined, earning great grades and protecting Jalen Hurts/Carson Wentz's blindslide.

Can he keep it up in 2021? I don't know, I truly don't. But he is more proven then the other option.

On the other hand, you have Andre Dillard. Dillard was the Eagles 1st Round pick in 2019, with Howie Roseman even trading up over the Houston Texas to acquire him. Dillard definitely didn't get many chances of playing time in 2019, but did not look the greatest when he played at his natural position of Left Tackle. He did play one game at Right Tackle, which was arguably even worse. After training and preparing to get his shot at the LT position in 2020, he suffered a biceps injury and was out of the season before training camp even started.

Dillard spoke to the media recently, pushing on how he has removed social media from his life and has been working on his mental health more than anything else. He was very honest to the media and described what he has done to try to focus on football.

I think most Eagles fans have been too quick to give up on Dillard. I get it, Mailata has already shown it on the field, so why not stick with the hot hand? The reason why you even consider Dillard is because of his first round tag. I'm someone who never really pays attention to when players were picked 2-3 years after they were drafted, but we know that Howie Roseman will think this way.

So the two of them will go into training camp having a competition, with Jeff Stoutland and Nick Sirianni tasked with making the decision.

But, is it even worth having a competition? I don't think so.

There is a part of me that thinks that Howie Roseman would want Andre Dillard to start at Left Tackle, just to prove his decision of picking Dillard. But assuming that will not be the case, I'm still not sure this can ever be a fair competition.

Jordan Mailata clearly has more chemistry with each of the projected starters next season(besides Landon Dickerson on the off chance he starts), and also has spent more time with Jeff Stoutland. Although Andre Dillard has been around the team, he probably didn't have time to form relationships with anyone due to all the protocols last year.

We know that Nick Sirianni raves about competition, so maybe this argument is pointless to even have. But, in the end, I think Jeff Stoutland makes this decision.

For those reasons alone, I think the Eagles SHOULD trade Andre Dillard.

The reason I highlighted should is because I personally don't think the Eagles will, even if he loses the pre-season competition. In my opinion, Dillard has no role on this team anymore. Jordan Mailata has proved he can work next to starters and backups on the offensive line, whereas Dillard has maybe one game of good play. Why change up things when you have a 2nd year QB who needs consistency around him?

It may sound like I am contradicting what I said earlier about Eagles fans giving up on Dillard too quick. What I'm trying to say is he has talent, but has no role on this team.

What value will you get back in a trade? Probably not much. I'd guess a 5th-6th rounder, unless some team is desperate for a left tackle and overpays.

Competition is great, but in this scenario, it is not needed.

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