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Sixers Drop Game 4 to Wizards

The first loss of the playoff run is to the hands of the Washinton Wizards after a 122-114 defeat. Losing Joel Embiid in the second half, the Wizards found new life and were able to take control of the game. With the sweep out of reach, all eyes look to focus on the knee of Joel. His injury will be monitored very closely until the next matchup on Wednesday.

Even though the first half went back and forth and the Sixers held the lead for most of it, there were still a lot of things to be frustrated about. Joel Embiid took a fall in the second quarter, Tobias Harris was forcing shots, and Ben Simmons was in early foul trouble. After two quarters, Joel Embiid had only played 11 minutes, while Simmons only logged 10 minutes.

With Ben Simmons spending most of his time on the bench, we got to see a lot of floor action from Geroge Hill. He ended the game with 14 points while shooting 60% from the floor.

Ben Simmons down the stretch was not pretty. Missing free throw after free throw during Scott Brook's "Hack-a-Ben" strategy. Ben finished the game 5-11 from the line.

Unfortunately, Mike Scott was on the floor for 16 minutes. And as you could probably guess, he was absolutely dreadful. 0 points, 2 rebounds, 2, assists, and 2 fouls. I found myself yelling at my tv screen, wondering what in the hell was he doing on the court.

Danny Green was decent, making shots when we needed him to, but his impact did not jump out on the box score.

Seth Curry had a sneaky bad night. He was 0-4 from deep and ended the game with a team-low -11.

Furkan Korkamz and Tyrese Maxey had an immediate impact off the bench in the second half. Both came in and made energy plays to try to put the game back into the favor of the sixers. Korkamz and Maxey combined for 22 points.

Now let's talk about the referees. More specifically, how pathetic they were. The most notable missed call was on Westbrook slapping Ben in the face as he was driving to the rim. It was called a common foul, but it should've most definitely been a flagrant foul. Touch fouls were also called against the Sixers, but not on the other end. This happened all game long.

The Sixers will look to put away the Wizards for good Wednesday night at 7 pm in front of a full capacity Wells Fargo Center.

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