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Sixers Shopping the 28th Pick

Today is the day. The day where the next superstar of the league will walk across the stage and shake the hand of commissioner, Adam Silver, wearing the hat with the encircling threads of his new team.

The Sixers know the eerie feeling of draft day all too well. This year however, things are much different. Having the 28th pick in this year's draft, the chances of drafting a player that will have an impact on the current roster diminishes rapidly. Although there might be some interesting and exciting prospects that could fall to the late first round, Daryl Morey seems to have his eyes set on bigger things.

Morey has a history of trading draft picks, particularly those that occur in the mid-late 20s of the first round.

With all the swirling rumors regarding Ben Simmons, it is possible we see the 28th pick packaged with Simmons. The chances of a late first round pick having much value in a feasible Simmons transaction are slim, but I'm not going to underestimate the powers of Daryl Morey.

The most-likely outcome of exchanging the 28th pick will be adding a veteran to come off the bench, which I believe would be in the best interest of the team heading further into the offseason.

With the draft just hours away, we could see a Daryl Morey masterclass in full effect. I also wouldn't throw out the possibility of the Sixers making multiple moves on draft night, not just with the 28th pick, but with Ben Simmons, and perhaps the 50th pick.

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