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Sixers Squash Bulls’ Late Heroics

Chicago, IL—

Fresh off the thrilling overtime victory in San Antonio last night, the Philadelphia 76ers handled their business in Chicago, taking down the Bulls 106-94 behind an efficient 6-7 night from Ben Simmons and a couple of 20 point performances from Seth Curry and Tobias Harris.

Despite being on the tail end of a back-to-back, the Sixers came out of the gates ready to play, leading by 14 points at the end of the first quarter. This dominant play would continue through the rest of the game, as the Sixers had a comfortable 20 point lead heading into the final quarter. However, just as the game began to seem out of reach, Chicago made the score a little too close for comfort, leading a late 25-5 run to bring down the Sixers’ lead to just a single point. Luckily, the Sixers were able to put their foot back on the gas just as quickly as they took it off, ending the Bulls’ hopes for a miraculous comeback.

After tonight’s win, the 76ere find themselves a full game ahead of the Brooklyn Nets as they look to claim the top seed in the Eastern Conference.

The 76ers have Tuesday off before heading down to Houston to face the Rockets in the final game of this three-game road trip.

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