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Sixers take the win in Los Angeles to make it 3 in a row

Would you look at that...Another game that came down to the wire! A game dominated by Joel Embiid and company. The Philadelphia 76ers have started their west coast road trip on a 3 game win streak. They've jumped up to third in the eastern conference standings. 1.5 games up on the Brooklyn Nets and just a half game behind the Milwaukee Bucks.

Tonight's action packed game was filled with a lot of hot moments, and your fair share of ice moments. Joel Embiid's ability to change the game, Harden's passing abilities, and the Sixers role players doing exactly what they're supposed to do. Tonight was a fun one. Read down below for my first impressions and key takeaways.

First Quarter

• This game started with a lot of offense, and no defense. Sixers and Clippers were trading buckets back and forth as the first quarter finished with 61 total points scored.

• Sixers started to pick up their defensive rotations about halfway through the first quarter, but the Clippers outshined us with their insane ball movement. A few extra passes opened up for some wide open looks.

• I feel like this needs a separate note, but P.J. Tucker hit a corner 3! It's not something that happens often considering Doc Rivers has him in the dunkers spot too much, so I felt like I should let the world know.

Second Quarter

• This was probably the best quarter the Sixers have played all year...There was a lot of notes to be taken. First off, Doc Rivers may have found some luck running Tyrese Maxey and Tobias Harris with the 2nd unit. It's always good to grow a lead when you have Harden and Embiid on the bench.

• I could watch Shake Milton make transition layups all day. If you didn't watch much Sixers basketball, you would think that Milton has made every single contact layup he's attempted.

• What a first half for Tobias Harris. He ended the second quarter with a career tying 5(!!) steals. The Sixers were playing great defense, and turning into the easiest offense. The Sixers had 16 transition points to the Clippers 5, which is something you never see.

• Montrezl Harrell's minutes have just been disastrous. He's giving no offense and negative defense. Doc Rivers needs to do a better job of seeing if it's a good backup center matchup for Harrell or Paul Reed.

• The James Harden and Joel Embiid pick and roll has felt like a cheat code this season. I feel like I say it every day, it's seriously some of the best basketball I've seen from the Sixers in a very long time.

Third Quarter

• It's fascinating how a team can go from one of the best in the league to one of the worst in the league, in just 20 minutes. The Sixers came out flat, no offense, and poor defense. James harden is a huge blame for the stiff offense in this quarter. Unable to hit shots, and poor ball movement.

• Sixers need to work on off ball movement in practice (they do run practices...right doc? right?). When Embiid has the ball at the top of the free throw line and he's being double teamed, even triple teamed...Somebody has to be moving off ball. Someone on the court needs to cut to the rim for an easy dunk or get open somehow. The off ball movement was horrible in this quarter.

• It also doesn't help the Sixers when the Clippers are hitting every single shot they take (it felt that way).

• Huge shoutout to Georges Niang for keeping the Sixers in the game after hitting a few 3's. I would've loved to hear a "Bang bang Niang" from Kate Scott tonight, but Ian Eagle will do!

• Somehow, the Sixers found their way to keep a 1 point lead at the end of this quarter. The way I've talked about this quarter, you would think we would be down by 20 (yes I like to overreact a lot).

Fourth Quarter

• Tyrese Maxey is officially back. Hitting 3 after 3, getting to the rim, hitting tough shots, and going to the line. After what we saw from Maxey the other night, this is a breath of fresh air. Maybe a sign to Doc Rivers that he should be back in the starting lineup.

• The Montrezl Harrell fourth quarter minutes weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be. He held his own on the defensive end, and had a weird and one bucket. Still, I would've liked to go to Paul Reed tonight but the Sixers survived.

• I find it very fascinating how the entire game changes when Joel Embiid subs onto the court. He showed exactly why he is a top 3 player in the world.

• The Sixers defense has been fantastic in this quarter. They held the Clippers to under 30% shooting from the field. Like I said earlier, good defense turns to easy offense.

Key Takeaways

• This is exactly how you want a road trip to go, with getting off to a 3 game winning streak. This team has shown when the time really comes, they can come together and win games. That's really important, especially when playoff time comes.

• The Sixers need to do a lot of work on off ball movement in practice. The amount of standing still when the Sixers need a bucket is embarrassing. Another thing they need to work on (not necessarily in practice) is finding the trailing man on the fast break. There was too many times when Joel Embiid was trailing the first guy with the ball and if they could just use their senses, it would lead to a lot of easy and open buckets.

• Tobias Harris has been a man on a mission this season. His mid range jump shooting has been flawless as of lately. He's really thriving in his role, which is exactly what the Sixers have needed him to do since he's been in a Sixers uniform.

• Tonight was one of P.J. Tucker's best games tonight. He hit a pair of 3's, got a few offensive rebound, and played terrific defense. Sticking him in the corner can have a lot of positives for the Sixers offense.

• Like I said earlier, Doc Rivers needs to do a better job of seeing which matchup is better fit for either Montrezl Harrell or Paul Reed. There's been too many times where Harrell has gotten dominated this season whereas Reed could've had a better fit in that game. I believe tonight was one of those nights where Paul Reed was the better option.

• It might be time to stick Tyrese Maxey back into the starting lineup. De'Anthony Melton, as of lately is on a cold streak. Sure, his defense is great but his offense has just been brutal. Maxey showed tonight why he deserved his spot back.

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