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The Alec Bohm Saga, Should he be Sent Down to the Minors?

Alec Bohm was a huge piece coming into this year the Phillies after they gave him the call up during the pandemic season for his rookie year. In his rookie year, he hit .338, had 54 hits. 4 home runs, and 23 runs batted in. He was in the running for rookie of the year, but ultimately got robbed of it.

Flash forward to this season and so far Bohm looks lost, both on defense and at the plate. First, on defense, his footwork is downright bad. He doesn't quite know what to do with his feet when a ball is coming at him. He has 8 errors on the season, which is 4th in the National League, and has a fielding percentage of .939.

At the plate, he struggling to hit anything right now. Bohm is hitting .213 at the plate with 4 home runs and 25 runs batted in. He cant seem to recognize pitches at the plate. One of the more glaring stats though at the plate is his strikeouts. He has 59 strikeouts on the year, leading the team, and is 5th in the National League. Bohm is striking out in 28% of his at-bats and it is on the rise. He can not seem to locate pitches well in the zone and has a hard time not swinging at pitches out of the zone. His walk rate is down, he has three fewer walks than he did in all of last year.

Also with Bohm, he has hit into the most double plays out of everyone in Major League Baseball with 12 double plays that he has hit into, also he can not seem to elevate the ball anywhere with 61% of hit balls do not leave the infield.

With all these problems going on for Bohm, is it time to send him down to the minors to retool his game? Yes, it is. Bohm really needs to take time into getting his game back together. However, they can't make that move just yet because the Phillies need Bryce Harper back to play right field and then send Brad Miller over to third base.

Until Harper is back and 100% able to play we will continue to see Alec Bohm struggle miserably at third base. He needs to do something for him to be better and I believe sending him down to the minors is the way to save Alec Bohm. The situation is bad because he 24-years-old and should know how to play ball in the Majors but his tools are scattered all over the shed and he just looks so lost and at the Major League level. Phillies do the right thing and send Alec Bohm down before the situation gets out of hand and another top prospect is ruined.

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