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The Ben Simmons drama continues

On another unexpected crazy turn of events, Ben Simmons pulled once again a show on the sixers today. Here's a recap of what's going on:

Since the Playoffs ended, sixers fans had been criticizing the poor perfomance of the 3x All Star on the playoffs scoring only five points on Game 7. Mid summer Ben has mentally checked out of the Sixers and never intended to play another game for the franchise until a trade is made to one of the california teams. Simmons cut all contact with all the team members and directives and went trough his agent Rich Paul.

Continuing his sitout, Ben didn't attend media day, training camp and either all of the preseasons game. During the preseason game against the Brooklyn Nets, ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Ben Simmons had arrived to Philadelphia, and showed up to the arena to have a COVID-19 test.

Two days later, the star in question has showed up to pratice for the first time since the trade drama and he was announced by the team later that he was gonna speak to the media.

On October 19th -the day that ben was supposed to show up to the media- , Doc Rivers asked Ben to participate on a drill TWICE, saying no and got thrown out of pratice, prompting the team to suspend him for the game opener and getting fined $1.4 million dollars, making him the most fined player in NBA history, the last one was Vladimir Radmanovic with the largest fine amount which is $500,000 dollars.

While Doc Rivers expresed that he still have hope for Simmons, Joel Embiid said that he and Ben -who were previously known as the biggest romance in the NBA- said that him and Ben hasn't spoken since he showed up and he isn't here to babysit and only to focus on the team.

We have to wait what's gonna be the next surprise that Simmons gonna pull in the next day and see if the NBA or the Sixers administration are doing something to end this Harden look a like drama.

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