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The Eagles Get Embarrassed in Vegas

We've seen the light. I'm not sure if anyone thought this Eagles team was good, or that their record was a result of who they played, but this game confirmed our worst fears- this team stinks. Like, flat out stinks.

The final score was 33-22. It wasn't that close.

There isn't one reason for the Eagles playing this way. It's been a mix of a lot of things, and just puts the future of this team into even more question then it was before. This game was completely dominated by the Raiders, so there really is no reason to do my usual format for these recap articles. Maybe I'll pull a page out of the Dave Zangaro book and do a little positivity section at the end of this.

But first, the blame game. Jalen Hurts. It wasn't good enough again. I can preface this by saying that I'm not completely out on him yet. We all told ourselves before the season that we would give Hurts the whole season to judge wether he is the guy or not. But at this point, I'm giving him 4-5 more weeks until I'm considering seeing what you have in Minshew. That's how bad it has gotten. The offense just does not move at all with Hurts at QB. I'll get to Sirianni, but the reality is that even with a better play caller, Hurts still wouldn't be playing well. His career might just end up being one big "What If?"

After the Eagles went down by 3 possessions in the second half, the thought came into my head if Sirianni will even last the whole season. It's a valid question after watching the absolute embarrassment that the Eagles put out today. The play calling is boring, lazy and wouldn't work on a middle school defense. Sirianni finally decided to use Miles Sanders more this week, but after his injury who knows if that would have continued. I just wish that Sirianni would push his pride aside and ether change up the playbook completely or give it up.

The defense was absolutely shredded today. The lack of pressure from the front 4 made Derek Carr look like Joe Montana. I've been starting to think that the Eagles defense as a whole has been overrated this season, and this week helped that argument. I just feel like Jonathan Gannon's scheme isn't fitting the players that he has. It puts way too much pressure on the linebackers, who really just aren't that solid. The injury to Anthony Harris didn't help obviously, but that shouldn't make this much of a difference. Like I said last week, and the week before that, Gannon doesnt make enough in-game adjustments to make this defense be anything special.

How undisciplined is this team? I don't have any stat about their penalties this game, but I think the play just speaks for itself. This just bridges into the offensive line, which did not play up to their reputation today. Landon Dickerson has been disappointing, Mailata got cooked by Ngakoue all game and Lane Johnson left the game for an unknown reason. There is no way this team will ever be successful if this group is not playing well.

Sure, they scored a few garbage time touchdowns, but I'm not buying the Sirianni culture. This game was a complete blowout and don't let the score cloud your judgment.

In terms of injuries, the one to Miles Sanders really hurts. He was carted off with an ankle injury. You hate to see that for him and the Eagles. JJ Arcega-Whiteside was also hurt in what is being called a back injury. I didn't see the play.

Positivity section? Jalen Reagor's touchdown was pretty impressive in a game where he didnt look great. Kenneth Gainwell got a touchdown. Avonte Maddox has quietly had a nice season as a slot corner, and should be in line for an extension soon. I guess it was nice to see Boston Scott get some productive snaps after being in the doghouse all year. Zach Ertz scored a touchdown for the Cardinals!

I know this was a really negative recap, but it just has to be done. The team, players and fanbase have to stop pretending like this year is anything but a rebuilding year. Or saying that we kept it close at the end and the game wasn't as bad as I am saying. The Eagles had their chance to make a statement in this game, and they horribly failed at that. Next week they will face the 0-7 Lions in a game where they basically have to win. The Eagles are 2-5.

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