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The Future Of Jalen Hurts

One of the most controversial topics among the Eagles faithful is regarding the future of Jalen Hurts. With three first round draft picks, money to spend next off-season, and a roster that now looks ready to win soon, the Philadelphia Eagles organization has a big decision to make. Do they use these once in a franchise load of assets on an elite level talent right now such as Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Derek Carr among other names that could be available? Do they use these assets to build around Jalen Hurts, load up the roster, and go for it as early as next season? The decision Howie Roseman and the front office make at the quarterback position will end up being one of the most important decisions the franchise will have to make for the next decade.

Through 14 starts this season Hurts has posted a 61.1% completion percentage, throwing for 2,930 yards, 16 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, and a passer rating of 87. On the ground Hurts has posted 740 yards and 10 touchdowns on 5.6 yards per attempt. Overall putting these numbers all together Hurts has accounted for 3,670 total yards of offense and 26 total touchdowns. For a year two quarterback on his second NFL head coach, that's more then good enough. It's no shock PFF has Hurts as it's 10th highest graded quarterback this season just below guys such as Dak Prescott, Kyler Murray, Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, to name a few. Behind Hurts great play, he has led the Eagles to an 8-7 record with potentially the opportunity for the Eagles to clinch a playoff berth as early as this week. Philadelphia would need an Eagles win on the road in Washington, a 49ers win at home against Houston, and a Vikings loss in Green Bay for that to be the case.

Hurts' biggest strengths as a quarterback are his intangibles and his ability to make plays happen off script. Ever since his days at the university of Alabama Hurts has always been able to command a huddle, a locker room, and the building at an elite level. This talent has transitioned seamlessly to the NFL and is very apparent listening to everyone talk. You'll never have to worry about his work ethic, his leadership ability, and his ability to gain the trust of his teammates. This alone will lead to a high floor on the football field. In the national football league howeve,r it's not about how high your floor is, it's about what your ceiling is and how fast can you get to that ceiling.

Hurts ability to make plays off script with his legs and his arm is the biggest sign of a high ceiling. In today's NFL if your name isn't Tom Brady you need to be able to improvise at an elite level to be one of the elite quarterbacks. Guys like Burrow, Herbert, Rodgers, Murray, Allen, Prescott, Wilson, to name a few all have this ability to bail their teams out of trouble with improvising when the play breaks down and no one is open. Hurts is already one of the elite rushers at the quarterback position and has shown flashes of being able to make big time throws on the move. He isn't on those quarterbacks levels when it comes to improvising but he's not far off and can get there relatively quickly.

Hurts' biggest flaw however is his timing. Timing with his throws and timing in his internal clock. Hurts in the pocket will make the right reads, he makes them a second or two late however. It leads to his ball arriving late and leads to some unnecessary contested catch opportunities when the ball should be an easy catch. This also leads to Hurts missing some of the easy layup throws as well. When this happens, his internal clock will speed up and cause him to turn the football over. Luckily for Hurts this is a flaw most young quarterbacks have and one that will get fixed naturally through more game reps.

Overall, what I would do if I am the Eagles is I would lean heavily to keep Hurts at least for next season. Jalen has earned the opportunity for the organization to use these once in a franchise load assets to build around him at least for next year. Hurts has shown a ton of positive growth this year and with a second year in this offense plus some more weapons being added to the roster for next year, expect Jalen to take a bigger leap next year as well. To quote the great Merrill Reese on the potential of the Eagles quarterback "He's the total package...we are only seeing the beginning of Jalen Hurts. I think he has an extremely high ceiling".

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