The Knicks hand the 76ers their 2nd loss of the season, 112-99.

The New York Knicks (3-1) have defeated the Philadelphia 76ers (2-2) for the first time since the 2017 season, as the final score was 112-99.

This was easily the worst game the 76ers have played and the Knicks were getting anything they wanted.

At the end of the first quarter it looked like we were in for a treat, but as the game went on it was a completely different story. Korkmaz was playing good defense, our bench was playing very well but Joel Embiid was struggling getting hit with double teams every possession and couldn’t get into rhythm.

As the second quarter went on, you could tell this Sixers team had a lack of energy and passion to win this game. Embiid easily played his worst game of the season, and the worst game we’ve seen from him in a while. He didn’t look like himself on the floor. The Knicks bench helped tremendously, combining for 42 points with good efficiency. On the other side, the Sixers couldn’t get anything from anybody except Tobias Harris. the 76ers shot 29% from 3 while the Knicks shot 43% from 3.

It felt like every time the Knicks would shoot the ball during the second and third quarter, it would go in. It was a completely one sided game from the start of the second quarter and on. The 76ers tend to hold the ball until the last few seconds of the shot clock and then throw up an awful shot. Those were a majority of their possessions for tonight's game.

It was an embarrassing night to be a 76ers fan, and it feels hopeless after this game, but it’s only the beginning and this team has a lot to fix and work on going forward with this season. The Sixers bench continues to play well but finds themselves struggling for shot creation with the lack of point guards on this team.

Kemba Walker was the leading scorer for the Knicks tonight, finishing with 19 points and shooting 7-15 from the field. The 76ers leading scorer was Tobias Harris finishing with 23 points and shooting 10-18 from the field.

The Knicks looked like a very well rounded team with a lot of hungry guys looking for a spot in the playoffs and looking to make noise for a championship run. The 76ers didn’t look like that tonight as they looked tired, unfocused, and brought a lack of energy into this game.

This was a very disappointing game, but with every team there will be off nights. I’m expecting this to be just one of those nights for this team.

Tune in on Thursday night as the 76ers host the Detroit Pistons at 7:00 PM EST.

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