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The Philadelphia 76ers Stay Close to Stagnant in Power Rankings Across the Board

After a pretty underwhelming week for 76ers basketball, news outlets are not giving up on the 76ers yet. Since the last power ranking, the 76ers have had 4 games coming against Denver, Cleveland, Minnesota, and Memphis. The Sixers finished the week 2-2 against these teams, beating Cleveland and Minnesota, and now currently sit at a 34-16 record while being tied for the 1st seed in the Eastern Conference. We were also blessed to see our star player Joel Embiid return to action as well this week against the Timberwolves.

With the return of Joel Embiid though, many rankings aren't going to cut some slack now that he is back. The two power rankings I have for you today have not taken a dramatic step back on the 76ers play just yet.


Current Ranking: 3

Previous Ranking: 3

You can make an argument that the 76ers deserved to move down a spot or two after their lackluster performance on Sunday against the Memphis Grizzlies, but ESPN values seeding still. They mention that they feel Joel Embiids return is more important than a disappointing loss due to the fact we still held on to the 1 seed in his absence.

The Athletic

Current Ranking: 7

Previous Ranking: 6

The Athletic has us currently ranked the 3rd best Eastern Conference team, and I also feel like this statement can be rightfully made watching our play without Joel Embiid these last few weeks. The Milwaukee Bucks were ranked 5th and the Brooklyn Nets ranked 4th. The Athletic reasoning as for why they dropped us a spot was because "They beat the two bad teams (Minnesota and Cleveland), but lost to the Denver Nuggets and Memphis Grizzlies." Very understandable that we dropped a spot after that horrific performance Sunday evening.

My understanding from both of these power rankings is that both of these companies don't see the Sixers as the top threat in the East currently, but still view us as the 5th best team in the league and a top 2-3 team in the Eastern Conference. The Sixers face their long-time rival the Boston Celtics Tuesday night in what should be a very good game, followed by meetings with the New Orleans Pelicans and Oklahoma City Thunder. If the Sixers can complete a sweep this week I can see The Athletic bumping us up a place or two. Joel Embiid should be good to go for at least 2 of the 3 games this week, greatly increasing our much-needed hopes of securing the 1st Seed in the East.

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