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The Phillies Get Swept by the Worst Team in Baseball

Yes, you read that title correctly. The Philadelphia Phillies got swept out of Chase Stadium by the Arizona Diamondbacks. THE ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS.

We all thought this team was going to compete for the division but my word they got swept by the worst team in baseball.

The Phillies had no life whatsoever from the offense. This whole series was just an absolute embarrassment.

I don't want to hear anymore that the Phillies have the easiest schedule when they can't beat the worst team in Major League Baseball.

There are zero words to describe this baseball team this past series.

This team is a disgrace and they need to figure it out if they want to win anything.

This team's usual breakdown in September is now happening in August. This team just makes everyone miserable.

All and all this team was just outright bad. Now they face the Padres, boy I cant wait for that series.

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