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The Phillies seem to be in a sticky situation

The Philadelphia Phillies find themselves in a sticky situation at the moment. They have lost four of their last six games coming into this Washington series. Let's just say the Phillies need to get something going. The Phillies welcomed the Washington Nationals for a little two-game series.

Washington would strike early with a two-run lead from Josh Bell's single and Yan Gomes' single in the first inning. These runs were the first runs Zack Wheeler has given up in the first inning all season. Overall, Zack had a pretty rough day on the mound; only pitching three innings and giving up six hits and three earned runs in his outing. The bullpen was fantastic as they kept the game in check.

The offense was just not there for the Phillies in the first game; only putting up two runs over the course of the game. Bryce Harper and Ryhs Hoskins were the only sources of offense for the Phillies and it was by the long ball.

It seems that whenever Zack pitches the offense goes silent. I don't quite get why the offense doesn't support their best pitcher in this rotation. Also, I don't understand why Ryhs only hits when it doesn't matter. It is frustrating that this team can't come together and string some wins together. If they fail to play as a team they will be stuck in baseball limbo.

Now, you would think the Phillies would bounce back and win the next game, right? Well, it sure looked that way for a bit! Travis Janikowski started off the Phillies offense with a bomb to right field to give the Phillies an early 3-0 lead.

That would be Janikowski's first Major League home run since 2018.

The offense would still roll as Bryce Harper would send one into the left-center field seats in the third inning to make it a 4-0 ball game.

The ball got out of Citizens Bank Park in a hurry.

Vinny V was on the mound for the Phillies. He was cruising through four innings of scoreless baseball before he ran into the fifth inning where everything just seemed to fall apart for the Phillies pitching staff. Vinny would give up four runs in the fifth inning to end his time on the mound.

Then, Archie Bradley came in and gave up a run as well, and the Phillies lead diminished. This bullpen needs a wake-up call soon because this bullpen gave up nine runs the rest of the way. Right now, the Phillies bullpen is a complete embarrassment.

But, the Phillies offense came alive again as Andrew Mccutchen, right off the bench would provide this...

He hit a grand slam into the left-field seats and the Phillies would retake the lead. But, as you know, the bullpen fell apart in this game and the Nationals would jump back into the lead with a Josh Bell grand slam. The Nationals put up 11 runs in two innings against the Phillies bullpen. A complete and utter disgrace.

However, the Phillies did not give up hope as Alec Bohm and Ronald Torreyes would do their part to give the Phillies the lead again. Alec Bohm got himself an RBI single to make the game 11-11 and Torreyes would do this to give the Phillies the lead...

That would put the Phillies up 12-1 and Hector Neris was called upon to save the game. However, he couldn't do the one job he is asked to do, which is close the game. Starlin Castro would give the Nationals the lead with an RBI double and the Phillies would have no answer for the Nationals in the bottom of the ninth. A complete disaster for the Phillies as they put up 12 runs in the game and lost. They got swept at home.

Something has to change for the Phillies. This team seems so lifeless and stuck in baseball limbo. They can't seem to win games. The Phillies are much better than they are actually playing right now. Something needs to change and that needs to happen fast because this team is an embarrassment to baseball. After being swept at home the Phillies have now lost six of their last eight games. What a pathetic disgrace.

Photo Credit: The Good Phight

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